Realism-v-reality - working part-time as retirees

Are you planning to boost your retirement income by doing some part-time work once you eventually retire? Perhaps you have included the expectation of some paid work in your calculations about how much you need to finance your retirement.

Casual workers need active approach to super

Casual workers can face an uphill battle saving for retirement, which is why a proactive approach is essential.

Downsizing is not always the answer

If you're pinning your financial hopes on the ability to downsize your home in retirement, you may need to think twice.

Rising energy costs are eroding retirees' financial wellbeing

Regardless of whether you think climate change exists or not, the flux when it comes to energy policies is having unintended consequences beyond high energy prices.

How to avoid isolation and stay safe in retirement

Living alone doesn't have to mean being socially isolated It’s a common enough scenario facing many older Australians: you find yourself living alone, due to divorce or the death of a partner, and the kids have moved away – often interstate or overseas – leaving you with no close family nearby. If this describes your situation, both…

More Aussies retiring later in life

Australians have one of the highest life expectancies in the world and forecasts show that’s only going to increase over the next four decades1.
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