Options: Why diversification may not be enough

If you look around the world we face unprecedented risks. The Trump Presidency, North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, rising interest rates, and fully valued markets are all spot fires that could engulf portfolios. These risks can seriously dent investor’s and client’s life savings, and damage their ability to reach important financial goals. The stakes are high.  

How technology is cutting miners' 'path to payback'

Mining and mining services companies are entering a new paradigm; propelled by advancing technology and artificial intelligence, the segment’s “path to payback” for some of its main capital expenditures is being cut in half in some cases, according to Dermot Ryan, AMP Capital’s Multi Asset Group, direct equities, portfolio manager. 

Investors acting their age

Investors acting their age Young investors can fall into the trap of being too conservative for their own good, forfeiting compounding long-term returns from growth assets.

Sustainability adds a feel-good factor to investing

Sustainability adds a feel-good factor to investing Many of us hold strong views about social and environmental sustainability. If that sounds like you, it’s possible to tailor your portfolio to reflect your values - and it doesn’t have to mean putting up with low returns. A new report shows ethical investing can be good for your hip…

4 simple steps to picking the right diversified fund

4 simple steps to picking the right diversified fund Choosing the wrong diversified fund is not only risky - but it could mean failing to reach important financial goals. Here are 4 simple steps to effectively evaluate diversified funds. Many diversified funds appear similar on the surface, but when you lift the hood, they’re poles apart. Evaluating…
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